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rational vs. intuitive based decision making.

I'm copying this from a comment I made on a post from elfric. It was important enough that I wanted to post it in my journal as well.

I believe that my rational mind is the best judge of how to handle a situation.

I've found that using my rational mind for decision making did nothing but screw me up. I even did an experiment to find this out:

I was in the midst of my magical studies at this time and I kept coming across mentions of how using the intuitive mind yielded much more success. I didn't believe it but my track record for decisions wasn't the greatest so I thought I'd give it a try.

For two weeks (a month? I don't remember) I made sure that I made all of my decisions from a rational basis and recorded those that generated results that I wanted. I soon added another column for results that I thought I wanted but later regretted. I didn't always conform to the rational decision making but I didn't count those and I *did* conform pretty well percentage wise.
Well, at the time, I was doing about average for me. My rate of success for results that I really did want was somewhere around 20%. I dealt with the crappy decisions and generally figured that 22 yo males don't necessarily know enough to make good decisions.

Well then I did two weeks (or whatever I did above) of decision making from an intuitive basis. The way that I did this was by texture and flow. I could "feel" what decisions flowed better and made my lifestream smoother and which went against the flow and made it rougher. You can guess what I chose.
My success rate was much, much better, in the ~90% range. There were many times that my rational mind wanted one course of action and my intuitive mind chose something else. A bit later after the repercussions of the decision were ironed out, I was able to see that the intuitive decision, while not necessarily the most appealing, generally led to better results in the long run.

Then, to be sure that my "luck" hadn't just changed and I would've done better either way, I did another two weeks (yada) of rationality based decision making. I tell you that those two week really tested my resolve and willpower. After having a delightful time with events going the way that I wanted, here I was stuck with about 1 in 5 events coming out as I desired.

Finally, that was over. I've been doing intuitive decision making every since. Anytime you ask me for a reason as to why I've done something, I'm probably giving you my best guess rather than a priori reasons.

It generally works out pretty good and most of the times it feels like I live a blessed life. It only reallyreally sucks when there appear to be no answers.
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