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Commenting and on being out

I'm actually commenting a bit more than I would've expected under the current conditions. I think that comes from two reasons. 1) I'm spending some time waiting for people to get things ready and 2) I'd go crazy without a relief valve. Due to the mindspace and time involved, all my comments and such have been short and quick.

But then, I made a comment on one of queenofstripes's posts and I wanted to duplicate it here as it's something a bit deeper.

I used to hide many parts of myself. But some folks at work figured out that I was bisexual. I stressed about this a lot. Then I found out later that a rather conservative person at work was defending bisexuals by saying "They can't be that bad and I know they don't *all* behave that way. Darren is one and he doesn't behave that way."

I'm not advocating that everyone should expose every facet of themselves. I'm known as the Master of TMI and they don't realize the things I'm *not* telling them. But when such things come up, I mention them.

I also realize that not everyone has the liberty of revealing non-socially accept parts of themselves. I happen to work in an industry and live in a place where the unusual is at least overtly accepted, so I can get away with a lot. Many people have to worry about kids, jobs, and/or contracts.

But it is nice to be able to be out when I can.
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