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Not even safe from Beef in an Indian Restaurant

cindygerb and I had a wonderful dinner with varushka on Friday night. We talked far more than we ate but we ate plenty. Originally, we were going to go to Kabul but instead we went to the Wallingford Chutney's since none of us had been there for a while.

That night I started having problems. Problems with a capital B. Somehow, in an Indian Restaurant, I had some beef. I think it was a very light amount since it resolved itself by about 10p on Saturday but still. I was up all night with "digestive difficulties", went to work briefly but I was feeling too sick for that. So, I picked up Cindy and my meds and headed home. I had further "digestive difficulties" and slept until I picked up Cindy at 4.30p. What really disturbed me now was that I wasn't up to going to the Filk Fest at runnerwolf's. I'd been waiting for this for 2 or 3 months and I was perturbed that I wasn't going to make it. But me and my digestive tract just weren't up for it.

Thankfully, it seems to've run its course. This was a rather light bought. Usually, it would be 4 or 5 days of the same...

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