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Theory of Journals or Why do *I* keep a journal?

The following is slightly disjointed and I may edit it to make it flow better. This is from notes I made while sitting in a meeting on Monday. I haven't had time to make the little bullet points turn into paragraphs but I'd rather get this down than make it pretty.

I've had a few people ask me why I keep a journal. (With varying emphasis on why, I, and a journal.) This is an answer to that question and a solidification for me.

The online journal seems to've grown out of diaries and "what's cool" pages.
I would call what grew out of the first to be a journal and the second to be a blog. I have no real use for the blog in this sense. It's not where I care to focus my energy.
I am writing this journal for myself with something of an awareness that others are reading it. There is no contention between writing for me and others reading - writing for me always wins.
I make no guarantees on any content. You might get bored, offended, and/or pissed off. If this happens, feel free to leave a comment about it on the journal but I'm not going to change things to please you. This journal is primarily for my consumption and while I get a bit of an exhibitionist thrill at others reading, that will always be subsidiary.

So, why do I keep the journal for me?

  • If I write it down, then it relieves some of the pressure in my mind; it is no longer spinning in my head, wasting cycles.

  • When I write something down and I'm forced to english it, it goes from nebulous and iffy to something concrete. I can't just make linguistic hand motions to explain away parts I haven't thought about. Those items that aren't clear are generally obvious. It's then up to me whether I want to clarify them or not. But at least I know where the nebulosity is.

  • It provides a history of what I've been and who I'm at

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