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Answers, part the second

Answers to this poll.

What is your one of your parent's favorite story to tell about your childhood?
At one point, I wanted to be a doctor. So, my mom bought me a child's anatomy book. It was well done and rather complete for a child's book. It answered many of the questions my friends and I had been asking. So, I called my friends in and we looked at the book together. When some of the other parents found out, they were less than pleased. (I actually called my mom to get her to choose and this is the one she chose.)
Were you a precocious youngster?
Oh dear gods, yes. I wasn't a kid during my teenage years. I'm making up for that now. :)
What makes you happy?
Nothing makes me happy. It's a resultant state. But things that bring that state about include: chatting, walking among trees, being near large bodies of water, completing a project, teaching someone something new.
If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into?
A circle describes a finite space. Yet if you start on one point of the circumference and proceed around the circle, you will never reach the end.
Where did you get that hat?
It was a gift. I was at the cd release party for Gaia Circles and nightinggale told me that smitty8073 was willing to give me his hat because he didn't like it anymore. He had picked it up at a vendor booth at Bumbershoot but decided that he didn't like how it looked on him. I just needed to show up to get the hat. I very quickly said goodbye to everyone and went to get the hat. He gave it to me and both he and tjean thought it looked better on me anyway. cindygerb then got me the ferret and raven pins for it.
When you die, can I have all your gaming books?
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