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Answers, part the fourth

Answers to this poll.

What do you like the most about yourself?
Hmm. I'm not quite sure. I'd say that it's my ability to have a sympathetic and loving ear to just about anyone's problems. For some reason, people trust me a lot and I like to use that to let people vent.
Do you want to become intimate with me?
Yes, I do, at some point in the future when this degree of chaos is significantly less. I'd want to include Cindy in such things and work through several stages of "getting to know you better" first though.
Describe yourself when you were 14 years old. Doh! is that a question?
Well, it's a statement designed to elicit a response, so it probably counts as a question.
RPG platform of choice?
These days, it's probably Mage. This is good since I play in a Mage game on Sundays. The platform really doesn't make much difference though. I like modern fantasy these days with a good GM. What gaming system used is a lot more open. (modern fantasy since modern times are interesting enough to play in and fantasy because I love magic and the fantastic.)
Is your hair still as long as in your icon?
Yep. It's actually a little bit longer, but it's stopped at about the middle of the small of my back and hasn't grown past there.
Could you recommend the journal of one person who isn't already on my friends list?
Yes, I could.
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