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Monday night

Driving home on Monday night was very strange.
I just about always have an internal locus of control. I won't let others have control of my internal set.
But as I was driving home, it seemed like the other cars were out to get me. They seemed to slow down just long enough for me to miss a light or be unable to change lanes. Once I was out of the way, they'd drive normally. They changed lanes for no apparent reason to cause me problems. I'd change lanes and they'd change back. This happened more than once in different parts of Seattle and with different cars. I got rather paranoid on the way and stopped and checked multiple times at yield signs even though there was no one around.
The strangest bit about this was that it felt like I was being toyed with and that my inviolate internal locus was purple and taken out as a pretty bauble.
It seemed like things were conspiring to their amusement and to my expense.

Thankfully, this went away after I got home. But I was disturbed for the rest of the night...
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