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Answers, part the fifth

Answers to this poll.

How did you become such a great guy? You're always so positive. It's amazing.
Hmm. How do I answer something like this?
I think that a big part of it is being with Cindy. She tends to make everyone around her be more themselves and I know that I am *so* much better for having her in my life. My parents also had a hand in my formation, they raised me in a very touchy-feely, loving, thinking environment.
But what I really think that keeps me positive is my finding wonder in everything. Even the most mundane and common object is full of magnificence. Something simple like friction is really, really useful. A world without friction would be rather inconvenient. One of my favorite objects of wonder is my hand. There's so much there. It's really a marvel, so many working parts, so functional in so many ways.
Finally, I've found that optimism is a more winning strategy than pessimism. There are more options available.
*gulp* It's empty now. :)
Do you like to travel? If so, where and why? If no, why not?
Yes, I definitely like to travel. There have been times when I've put 3k miles/month on my car and I had a desk job. I like to travel for the wider experiential base that it gives me. I grew up as an Army brat and so I got used to having changing venues around me.
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Depends on how you define first, chicken, and egg. I suspect that the proto-chicken laid a chicken egg that hatched into a chicken but since I wasn't there, I could quite possibly be wrong.
gold or silver?
Definitely silver. Silver is the moonmetal and indicative of night, my time. Gold represents that bright shiny thing that I saw in the sky today. It gave me a headache.
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