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Interesting view into myself

I find myself to be very Pagan with a very strong self-determinance factor. But there is a passage in a recent song that is affecting me strongly that flies in the face of that. La Bouche has a song &mdash In Your Life where the male singer of the duo is reading John 3:16 in the background. This is cool. I have no problems with anyone's religion as long as I'm not forced to share it.
The odd part is that in listening to this, I find it rather comforting. I'm not quite sure why I find it so comforting.

I really dislike the idea of mediated divinity. That I would have to find G-d through someone/something else flies in the face of my experience of the divine. I find transcendent divinity also to be very, very different from my experience of the manifest immanent Deity that I experience every day and every moment as I experience the world. Yet this passage that is central to a very mediated, very transcendent religion is comforting.

I love learning things about myself.
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