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Answers, part the sixth

Answers to this poll.

What is your favorite memory from childhood?
I would have to say that's the event that seemed to trigger my awakening to a wider world.
I used some word that seemed a bit advanced for a twelve-year old. My mom asked me what it meant. I told her what I had read in the dictionary. She told me "That's just what the dictionary says. A bunch of people got together and decided the definition of each of those words. Not everyone agrees with them on everything. We just accept their definitions because its easier than coming up with our own." This made me realize that all limits and definitions are arbitrary and we just agree with them so that we can interact with others without spending so much time defining our terms. But that was really the start of me waking up.
Do you wiggle when you're thinking?
Sometimes. I always do when I think of you. <*gryn*>
If we were going on an adventure, where would we go?
I'm not sure. I have multiple ways that I want to answer this. From a purely physical standpoint, I think it would have to be the PNW coast somewhere, to play and frolic in the caves, sand, rocks, water, and trees.
But I don't want to just answer it in a physical. But I think this will do for now and I'll go into it more later.
What made you choose to live in Seattle?
Well, I knew that I wanted to leave on the West Coast for a while. It's where the freaks go to hang out. It was either Seattle or San Francisco. Considering that SF was a) in California and b) really expensive, that made it an iffy choice. Seattle on the other hand is near the Canadian border, has lots of water, clouds, mountains, and trees. It also is green most of the year. That made it even more attractive. There is so much natural beauty here that I'm regularly agaw at it. I'm surrounded by trees all the time. I have a 150 year old apple tree in my back yard. I could go on, but you get the picture.
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