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when one has relationship difficulties and very heavy work pressure such that it makes it at times difficult to work out the relationship difficulties; adding *more* relationship difficulties and *more* workload doesn't help matters any.

Having people e-mail me for details isn't real fair, so stay tuned for the details as I can write them. I will still reply to those that sent me e-mail.

So, there was a friendship that budded into a relationship in the second half of December. It was this that provided the catalyst to force cindygerb and I to confront some rather serious issues that we had been expending lots of effort to ignore.

Well, being a catalyst really takes a lot out of people and out of a relationship. So, on Tuesday, this love relationship was put on hold until cindygerb and I could get our act together enough that we could regard other relationships with at least acceptance. Then on Wednesday, the stress was enough that the love relationship was ended. We are still friends though.

Thankfully, she has a strong support network as well as two very supportive primary lovers to take care of her.
Thankfully, I have cindygerb who does really wonderful things for me.

Unfortunately, this does mean that I've got yet another friend who I've been close to that doesn't answer my e-mail. Yes, my angst-fest here has an added bonus. There were two people on LJ that I've not actually met that I thought were very close (as friends this time). One of them seems willing to respond to intellectual posts but little else and the other one just doesn't respond to e-mail at all. This is yet another stressor. Oh well, life is like that. Sometimes Up, sometimes Down, oftentimes Sideways.

As for work, I've tried writing about it a few times but I get a bit more vitriolic than I really want to be, so I stop.
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