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Cindy's "trying to arrange something"

she tried to arrange for something to happen today but isn't sure that it will come off.

So, there I was, arguing with Oracle yet again and one of my co-workers (Chris) asked, "Darren can I ask you a favor?"

I said, "Sure." And when I turned around and said that, here comes four older gentlemen around the corner with barbershop quartet type hats. They asked if I was Darren Stalder and I said yes. I was then told this was a Valentine's gift from Cynthia Fry. The four of them launched into a very good rendition of Zippity-do-dah after one of the fellows played a note on a round harmonica. During the song a prop bluebird showed up on one of the shoulders of the guys. We had people from all around the floor showing up to see this. Reportedly, we had people from the 3rd floor as well. This was the long version of the song even. It was really very nifty. I had a really big smile on my face.
The soloist then told me that I got a second song for my money and the four of them sang a good rendition of Heart of my Heart. I then thanked them and they left.

During the performance one person quipped, "I hope those are from your wife." Since it was work, I didn't feel like saying that she was my husband and I was the wife. So, I just said yes. Another person mentioned that there must've been 100 people watching. It was the talk of the rest of the afternoon...

So, this was very, very nice of Cindy and I feel very loved...

P.S. The name of the quartet was the "Washington Squares Quartet".
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