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Answers, part the eighth (sorry it's been delayed)

Answers to this poll.

What kind of kinky things are you into? Do you prefer toys or power exchange?
Hmm. First of, I should probably state that I'm really a sensualist, that pain is not my gig, and that bondage is for keeping people from getting away rather than an end in and of itself. On the other hand, being a bit of an empath, I do get off on what my partner(s) gets off on, so this can vary. For specific things, I'm into biting, skin stimulation, necks and shoulders, silk and velvet, exhibitionism, voyeurism, fire, wax, and ice, and general sensual play.
Based on this, I would have to say that I prefer toys to power exchange.
Do you think I'm pretty? LOL sorry couldn't think of anything else at the moment
Yes, I think you're pretty. But for me, beauty also needs elements of resistance and fire. So, while I'm appreciative of your physical form, I leave complete submissives to those that appreciate them.
Would you like to become a close, intimate friend of mine?
Actually, I really enjoy our friendship at the level it is at right now.
Who do you think you are?
This is really the hardest question so far. As Walt Whitman said, "I am multitudes." I am my father's son. This is slightly different from being my mother's son. I am cindygerb's partner as well as my own man. I am a Programmer with a capital P. I am a philosopher, teacher, student, and a pedantic son of a bitch. I am your friend. I am conflicted; I am resolute. I am a Priest of Eris; I am an Engineer. I am a sensualist and I can talk your ear off. I am father to the ferrets, cats, and Sally. I am a token human among the Otherkin. I will regret something that I've forgotten to list yet I have to end somewhere. I am loved.
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