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Infinite power for a short period of time

So, runnerwolf came up with an interesting idea: "What would you do if you had the "power of the Q" from Trek for just a moment?" elfric then ran with it and I liked the idea enough that I wanted to post my answers to my journal. Folks can contribute if they'd like, But I'm doing this for me...

BTW, as much as I can tell "power of the Q" is pretty much just standard wish fulfillment. Those that have greater ST:TNG-foo can correct me if I'm wrong on that.

  1. Make it so that people had to actively choose to be misunderstood. This would be good for puns and such but you'd have to work at it. You'd have to work hard for egregious puns.
  2. Make it so that while people could be alone, they would never have to be lonely again.
  3. Resolve the issue between Cindy and I so that both perceive it as a win-win situation.
  4. Make people take responsibility for their actions so that responsible anarchy could actually work rather than be an idea that is impractical due to human limitations.
  5. Create an economy where, since everyone is responsible (see #4), they could get what they want and need including those of us who would do what is usually called work even if we weren't paid for it.
  6. Give people the power to heal so that such silly things as missing/defunct Islets of Langerhans and aging could be taken care of.
  7. Cheap travel to the planets and between the stars so that those of use with wanderlust aren't confined to one tiny planet.
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