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Trusting in the madness of strangers.

soft as goose down, strong as jet thrust

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Torin/Darren WhoEver
20 December 1966
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soft as goose down, strong as jet thrust

(Skip the bio.)

I'm known as torin in many other contexts but that username was taken. Since I've been called wolfieboy in the past, I used that.

My household consists of me, my wife — Christina Young (klicrai), and two cats Calliope & Kallixti.

If you are on my friends list, then you can go to my journal and the very first entry has my phone number and mailing address.

I have two filters that I very occasionally write under — work-bitch and heavy woo-woo. If you'd like to be on either or both, fill out the poll on this post and make a comment since I don't check the poll very often.

I try to write as well as I can here. If you notice misspellings, HTML problems, factual errors, or other similar issues, you are encouraged to bring it to my attention.

"... then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." -- Anais Nin

Life is too serious to be taken seriously.
This is not a joke.
Or is it?

How can one understand the incarnation except in terms of complete love? I don't believe God looks like Moses with a bad temper. If I want to see God, I'll go out on a clear night and look at the stars; at the God who says: "I love you this much."
    -- Madeleine L'Engle

All that matters are people and relationships between people. Everything else is just a thing.
Except for books. They're 'bout halfway in between.

From digibri:

When Eammon Hennessey would be hauled before Judge Ritter, "that old fart," for protesting, he would never plead guilty or innocent, he would plead anarchy.

"What's an anarchist, Eammon?" Judge Ritter would say.

"An anarchist is someone who doesn't need a cop to tell him what to do," says Eammon.

"But we need laws, Eammon," says the Judge.

"Judge, what good are your laws? The good people don't need them, and the bad people don't obey them."

[Story told by Utah Phillips on the Utah Phillips/Ani DiFranco album The Past Didn't Go Anywhere (Righteous Babe Records). Phillips met Hennessey when Hennessey ran the Joe Hill House of Hospitality in Salt Lake City, and describes him as a "Catholic, pacifist, anarchist, draft-dodger in two world wars, and one-man revolution."]

The above statements say something about me. You get to decide what.

I -so- loved this bit from vamp_ire that I had to share:
It (your voice) had this gentle, kind, and friendly wolfy feeling…as if I'd just met the big bad wolf and he was a really wonderful guy who had been terribly misjudged! haha. I could hear you saying, "No, really Miss Riding Hood...I'm not interested in eating you. What I was looking for is a hug. Obviously, that seems like it would cross your boundaries though and I wouldn't want to do that..."

Oh, you could also read old entries here. Down until I get my website back up.

I really wish that the HTML cleaner wouldn't strip out style information from the bio...
"friendly", affection, all night conversations, altered consciousness, amusement, animism, babylon 5, bare feet, bdsm, biting, board games, bodypainting, books, carpe noctum, city of heroes, civilian space program, claws, clouds, cognitive dissonance, compersion, conversational rapport, corvids, cuddling, culture jamming, curiosity, dark chocolate, delight, discordianism, dyslexia, dysnomia, empathy, entheogens, epithymy, eris, etymology, exhibitionism, ferrets, filk, flirting, fnord, forests, gaia consort, general semantics, glbti, going barefoot, good food, hedonism, hieros gamos, holly lisle, hot tubs, hug slut, hugs, human networking, i ♥ >1, idealistic practical cynical optimist, independent bookstores, infolluvial bouyancy, information theory, intelligence, intense conversations, intimacy, joy, kissing, learning, leslie fish, linguistics, living in the body, logoeroticism, logophilia, long hair, lysdexia, massage, mathematics, memetic propagation, metaprogramming, mindfucks, mountains, necks, neophilia, nudity, pacific northwest, pantheism, paradox, passion, peanut butter, people, perl, pervert with honor, philosophy, photography, physical contact, physics, play, playfulness, polite voyeurism, polysensuality, promoting mindful conformity, pronoia, psychology, pyrophilia, rain, reading, resisting mindless conformity, responsible anarchism, right action, right love, right thought, rubenesque, sacred sexuality, sapere aude, sapiosexual, sapiosexuality, sarah mclachlan, seattle, self-government, sensation, sensation play, sensual touch, sensuality, shapeshifting, shoulders, silk, silliness, skepticism, sleeping naked, snuggling, spcc, spirituality, spore, storytelling, subverting the dominant paradigm, tea, teaching, the wetspot, thinking, thunderstorms, touch, trees, unix, used bookstores, velvet, voyeurism, walking, water, weirdness, wordplay, words, xenophilia, yay!, zaftig

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